Internship mania

The day has come... I start my internship at a PR agency tomorrow. I can't wait! I'm especially looking forward to working with a client I interned with last summer. (What are the chances?!)

I'll be following my real-life and virtual friends' summer experiences, too. Maybe you'll be interested in reading about:
  • Sydney at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics -- a BIG deal (congrats!)
  • Kendel at Manning, Selvage & Lee
  • Chris at The Richards Group -- after a longgggg job search that you can read about on his blog
  • Michael at Artemis PR & Design -- looks like it could be his dream job
  • Rachel, on her blog dedicated only to her internship
  • and, Ashleigh, who made us all jealous, skipped the internship, and has gone off to Spain!
As my friends & I (and maybe you) start our internships, here are a few posts with suggestions on making the best of the experience:
  • Tips from Forward blog
  • 10 things you should learn before finishing a PR internship
  • and, some frequently asked questions about PR internships.
What advice do you have for PR interns? Do you have a great PR internship this summer? I'd like to read all about it on your blog!

Good luck to everyone!


Rachel .:. A Step Ahead said...

I'm excited to see another PR internship blog and to see you linked back to mine. Hopefully we can learn from each others experiences! Good luck!!

Working Girl Two said...

i love that you are blogging about your internship! it seems interesting so I will have to bookmark you. unfortunately, i have graduated (boo) and am now one year into my first job.

my roommate and i write about our experiences at our jobs in marketing and events -- so a teensy bit similar.

oh! and i just got my own intern -- someone to help me with all my projects. good luck this summer!

Willy Franzen said...

Hey Lizzie,

I'm excited to see that you're blogging about your internship. Let me know if you ever want to guest post on One Day, One Internship.

I interned in HR, not PR, but my best advice is to get to know as many people and as much of the business as you can. The people part is easy if you're outgoing (and especially if you're in HR), but the business part can be hard. Some internships pigeonhole people, and others allow for a lot of variety in tasks.

Don't only get to know all the parts of the PR business, but also the operations. Learn about HR, Accounting, IT, etc. Even if you just learn a little bit like who they are and what they do, it really helps you broaden your perspective in regards to your internship.

Good luck!

Lizzie Azzolino said...

Looks like internship blogs are popular!

@Rachel I love your "regular" blog, too!

@Working Girl Two Great blog. I added you to my reader. I already feel like I need my own intern, especially during the school year. :)

@Willy Franzen I don't know how much I blog about my internship, but I'd love to guest post. Thanks for the advice. I plan on diving in full-force & learning all I can.

All: Just completed my first full week, and I'm off to a GREAT start.

Samantha said...

I would hate for you to think that I never replied to your comments!

Yes, my portfolio was due for a class. We worked on pieces all semester long that "could" go into it, but if we had outside pieces for real-life job experiences, then to use those.

My internship is with a government entity. I am rather excited! I hope your internship has gotten off to a great start!