A novel written 140 characters at a time

While I've been MIA from this blog over the summer, I didn't give up blogging all together. I've been contributing to the blog for the upcoming UGA Connect (it's going to be awesome!) and to the Athens Jackson Spalding crew's blog, The Inbox.

But, I'm back to it. As a part of the new media program, we are asked to point out a notable bit of news related to new media tech. Dr. Shamp always does a great job on his blog.

This week I came across a unique idea courtesy of the New York Times. Are you one of the many addicted to Twitter? Well, if you're not, maybe this will get you interested... A few authors have thrown out the traditional pen and paper for mobile phone/keyboard and started typing their novels in real time, just 140 characters at a time.

One author has been using Twitter to write a real-time thriller for the past two month. Enter the "Twiller."
It's about a man who wakes up in the mountains of Colorado, suffering from amnesia, with a haunting feeling he is a murderer. In possession of only a cellphone that lets him Twitter, he uses the phone to tell his story of self-discovery. Think Memento on a mobile phone, with the occasional emoticon.
Clever idea. What are some other creative ways to use Twitter?

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Lauren said...

Sounds intriguing... pretty creative!
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