Mid-week roundup

Have you tried the new Twitter interface, iTweet? I struggled with TweetDeck, twhirl and others and always resort back to the traditional Twitter Web site, but iTweet gets 5 stars, with built-in auto-refresh and search capabilities. Best of all, it's iPhone compatible and refreshes quickly. 

A huge shout out to UGA's PRSSA chapter! Proof that ProfNet queries do in fact pay off, our student-run firm, Creative Consultants, is featured in this PR Week article about real-world PR lessons. 

I just registered with 2Sense Online, a new site catering to young professionals and offering a variety of information (career advice, money tips, relevant news) in one place. I'm especially interested in the City Profile section. As my peers and I are on the job hunt, these quick reference guides to cities' demographics, economy and events are useful. I'm staying tuned to see how this site progresses. Can you recommend other online resources for young professionals? 

Ladies, start wearing red to attract a man. This idea was discussed on the Today Show Tuesday after a study confirmed that red "drives men wild." Unfortunately, red's just not my color.

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