Group project relief

Most college students dread group projects. The likely source of my group project frustrations is my "control freak" personality -- a true micromanager. But, my loathing of these projects has lessened after just completing a 19-person (oh yes, 19!!!) project for new media.

The assignment was to create a mobile media product that would change the world. Check out Rethink Receipts very low-tech Web site for the details. Basically, we conserve paper and frustrations by digitizing receipts and creating an iPhone application to manage them. Cool, huh?

Of course, just days ago, I came across Mashable's review of GroupTable, a new Web-based software to help coordinate project planning. Ah! How handy this would have been for our 19-person group.

I haven't explored the software yet, but it seems like you can get pretty much the same benefit from a Google Group. Has anyone tried out GroupTable yet? What online collaboration software do you use?

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Jessica said...

"Rethink Receipts" was such a great idea - that's where I invested most of my money! congrats on winning the chit :)