Another try at blogging

Welcome to my new, and hopefully improved, blog! I have no idea where to start, but I would like for this to serve as a place to post about:
  • PR. As a soon-to-be fifth-year public relations student, I hope to comment on trends in PR. I will likely use a few of my favorite PR bloggers ideas as jumping-off points.
  • current events. I love to follow the news. It's not completely unfortunate that the Today Show is one of my primary news sources. I love their entertaining overview of the day's events. Warning: "current events" may include celebrity gossip. I'm an E! News addict.
  • new media. One of the requirements of being a part of the New Media Institute at UGA is that we provide a weekly blog update on new/digital media. I often struggle with this, as most of my Digital Brown Bag class seems to be interested in gaming and new technology that soars over my head. Nevertheless, I'll try!
  • me! Not that my life is ultra-exciting, but I have a lot going on! My recent decision to extend my college career by another semester has proved to be a good one. I love Athens and can't wait for another year of it. Maybe my parents will figure out how to read my blog - family and friends can check-in on me.
I may ramble and be boring at times, but I hope you enjoy reading. My few readers, please comment! Although I'm perfectly fine talking to myself. :)


Paull Young said...

Subscribed! Keep at it Lizzie :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely not pretentious.

Sorry about that, but it's certainly not the first time I've stuck my foot in my mouth. Either way "Witty Name Pending" is much better.

Karen Russell said...

I'm here, too. :)