Earbuds use KLEER, new wireless protocol

Source: Wikipedia

The headphones that came with my iPod have seen better days, and I've recently been on the hunt for something new. I'd love to say I have $600 to buy the new Sennheiser wireless earbuds. The headphones use a new wireless protocol called KLEER, rather than Bluetooth, to create CD-quality audio.

Engaget compares the size of the new earbuds to that of an iPod nano. They have some great pics on the site.

Wired Magazine instructs that you plug the matchbook-sized transmitter into your player's port, use the integrated elastic strap to fasten it to the player, and stow the bundle up to 30 feet away. Hmmm... I could leave my iPod in the gym locker room and still listen to music on the treadmill without worrying about my headphones being yanked off mid-workout. :)
I like the fact that the MX W1 earbuds are compatible with ANY device.

I'm holding out for the iPhone deal where the price is cut substantially. Maybe $200? As of now, they are a bit overpriced for me.

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